Companions on a journey to wholeness

 Our age of fragmentation is giving rise to anxiety, loneliness, fear, tribalism, environmental degradation, heightened racial tensions, political anger and more.  We know we can be better, both individually and as communities.  Some are curious, or hopeful about the role of Christ in moving people and cultures from fragmentation to wholeness, but find the current evangelical environment either irrelevant, or a part of the problem.  Spirit Soul Body is a space where you can browse resources intended to help you take steps toward wholeness so that you can move more fully into the life for which you’re created. 



Here are some resources for your journey toward spirit soul body wholeness


Toward Wholeness


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Toward Wholeness


Take first steps to satisfy your thirst for wholeness here. Hear people’s first hand experience of pursing spirit, soul, body wholeness. 

Ancient Paths

Ancient Paths

Paths To Wholeness

Rediscovering the ancient spiritual paths in creation that lead to wholeness in spirit, soul, and body.

“A unique experience to encounter God in a whole new way”


We believe the answers to individual and collective crises reside in ancient paths, timeless truths and practices that have existed throughout history, often finding their fullest expressions outside the institutional containers in which most faith expressions reside.

We are a community of people pointing each other toward these ancient paths, and helping one another walk on them.

“Marriages, families, churches, businesses, nations, cultures, will only be as healthy as the people creating them, and the sad truth is that countless leaders, creators, and difference makers are out front leading and creating from a space of unhealth.  We’re here to give you, and the people you love, tools for moving toward wholeness.”

- Richard Dahlstrom



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