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Richard Dahlstrom

Richard is a semi-retired pastor living in the Cascade mountains east of Seattle. He believes that healthy people are the foundation of healthy marriages, family systems, businesses, and faith communities.  His desire to guide people toward wholeness finds expression in teaching, coaching, guiding Ancient Paths experiences, and writing.  Married for 44 years to Donna Dahlstrom, he and Donna have three grown children and four grandchildren.  For more information on individual and organization coaching, and a free consultation email

"the most transformational book I have ever read" 

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"Linking eternal truths from Scripture with truths from the forest ecosystem, Forest Faith offers a path forward in our pursuit of wholeness"

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"Dahlstrom's book rises above the status quo of extremism that we as Christians have come to accept."

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"Dahlstrom succeeds in shaking up and subsequently, waking up the spiritually sleepy reader... a book entire congregations, of many faiths, would benefit from reading together"

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