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A dog, A mountain, and Finding Your Calling

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” The Preacher

“Fan into flame the gift that was given you…” Paul the Apostle

In this season of “the great resignation”, many people are rethinking what’s most important in their lives. As result, millions are leaving the workforce to follow callings which they hope will be more aligned with their truest and deepest identity. Others are choosing to reduce hours, in hopes of making space for creating, or hospitality, or gaining the capacity be more present in their relationships.

This time of disruption and shifting is perfect to be reminded that, contrary to what some say, we can’t become anything we want to be!! It’s purse nonsense to presume that our lives our blank pages waiting for us to write on them with our will, intellect, and hard work, to create the life of our choosing. Yes, we have a huge role to play in designing our lives, and doing so will require work, but the page was never blank.

Embedded in each of us, there are strengths, aptitudes, and abilities. Though not always physiologically quantifiable, they’re there, as real as the DNA that determines eye color, height, and so many other things. Rather than a blank page, perhaps we should be thinking of our lives as a series of gifts given us. The gifts are our unique capacities, ranging from athleticism, to musicianship, creativity to hospitality, wealth creation to compassion and mercy, teaching to cooking. I promise you this: a mission critical piece of living your best life entails discovering those gifts your Creator has given you, and using them as fully as possible!

What if Bach had never discovered music? What if Lincoln had never discovered his capacity to lead? What if Mother Teresa had set out make money like Warren Buffet rather than live in solidarity with the poor? If I could shout something from the mountain to each person alive it would be this: look for your unique gift(s) and when you discover it, develop it! Unless you're intentional about doing that, it will be very difficult to move toward the life for which you're created.

To see why this is so important, just take a look at this video of my tiny sled dog and the joy he has when he gets to use his gift of leading and pulling, even at only eleven pounds!

Over the next month at I’ll be offering videos and podcasts about how to find your gift(s), and develop a life where using them becomes part of your core identity. I hope you’ll subscribe and join me!

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