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Hebrews - Session #2. Lost and Found

What's lost? Our identity in Christ. Our world is filled with lies that literally steal the possibility of us living into our truest and deepest identity. From the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep, and then even in your dreams, there's a voice that's often saying: "You are your net worth", or "You are who you sleep with" or "You are how well your children present their academics, or their faith, or their jobs", or "You are you health, or your body, or your diet". All these false identities are impossible to maintain consistently, and as a result we end up vacillating between shame when we fail to achieve them, and pride when we DO achieve them. There's a better way

We need to SEE ourselves 'in Christ' and 'United with Christ' and 'Filled with Light!' - and of course Jesus' word to the world when we walked the earth was that religious people, especially religious people, 'have eyes but don't see and ears but don't hear'. We have our religious rituals, and defend them. But do we see the majesty, the infinite love of Christ for us and all humans? Do we see our truest and deepest identity can never be taken from us, but can shine through us even in the darkest times?

Let's become seers!! - note: identity in Christ truths for daily meditation can be found here

Richard -

Session #2:

Loss of identity in Christ

1. The problem of not seeing

2. Seeing the suffering servant changes our paradigm

A. Seeing Him elevates us 2:11



Seeing Christ frees us

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