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If you build it, they will….?

So a

mosque is planned near ground zero. What do I think? I’m glad you asked. My answer depends on who’s asking.

If a Muslim asked, I’d say, “Why are you planning on doing this near the site where America’s greatest mainland catastrophe occurred at the hands of your religion’s worst fanaticism? If you’re trying to build bridges with the American people, this is an absurd strategy. It feels a bit, ‘in your face’, like running up the score when you’re already winning. Bad form.”

If a conservative asked, I’d say, “Think twice before you oppose this. In fact, think three times: Thought #1: What if this were a church building instead of a mosque, and the government was being encouraged by it’s constituency to forbid on the basis of mistrust (they ‘eat flesh and drink blood’!). Thought #2: Do you like your freedom of religion? Thought #3: Or do you only like freedom of religion if it applies to your religion?

If a Obama asked, I’d say, “What is your vision for pluralism in America? If you think that the immigration issues related to Mexico are a big deal, take a look at what Europe’s facing across the pond. It makes our issues look like a squabble between neighbors over a broken lawnmower by comparison. You need to cast a vision for cultural assimilation that honors incoming folks and our cultural roots and heritage which, in spite of the secularists desire to declare otherwise, is distinctly Judeo Christian. So far, your lack of vision on immigration issues leaves some of us worried that, in the absence of plan, the loudest voices will prevail.

If you asked me what I think, I’d give you my answer, but first I’d say…what do you think?  I welcome your thoughts.

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