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More Beautiful Than It Has To Be

Beauty Matters – guest contributor Kristi Dahlstrom shares why

The air was cool and fresh. Ten thousand brilliant stars arched across the sky. But what transfixed us was the phosphorescence. Every little wave rolling into the cove was crested with cold fire. The anchor rode was a line of fire going down into the depths, and fish moving about left trails of fire. The night of the sea fire.

…Neither of us spoke, not so much as a whispered word. We were together, we were close, we were overwhelmed by a great beauty. (69)

A Severe Mercy, Sheldon Vanauken

The wind, so elusive on the calm August afternoon when we left the marina,  picked up by the time we reached the other side of the lake. This was our first time on a sailboat, my sister’s and mine, and we were delighted by the novel feeling of leaning into the wind, our sails and selves askew, tacking…

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