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Off the map for now.

I’m dropping this quick line from a borrowed computer to let you know that I won’t be able to post much this week, nor will be moderating comments.  I’m in the mountains east or Los Angeles, speaking a conference, and will be flying home Saturday.  Already though, a lot has happened: 

1. My rental car, thanks to my administrative assistant, is a convertable Smart Car! I’d never driven a convertable in my life until yesterday.  What was I thinking?  This is tons fun.  With my wife and I driving east on the interstate, top down, music blaring, I could suddenly understand why people like cars. 

2. My wife and I had lunch today with the people who lead our small group back in 1983, when we were living in Los Angeles.  It was delightful to see them, still married, still hospitable, still serving Christ… through it all. 

3. Tomorrow night we’re having supper with the guy who was most influential in my life when I was studying Architecture way back in 1976.  He’s here this week along with his wife and two grown sons.  They’re delightful and, like my other friends, are still serving Christ, still blessing their world, still loving everyone around them, from the wait staff to their own family members. 

In both instances I’m struck by the value of continuity, faithfulness, and contuing to show up.  This is great because I’m speaking on that very subject tonight!

So it’s been a great week already, and it’s only Monday.  Don’t expect much unti I find the web again, and when I do, I’ll have a picture of the Smart Car! 


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