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Water Wednesdays

Our church is raising funds to put wells in Africa through the “Spilling Hope” initiative.

It would be easy, for many of us, to just write a check on May 23rd, 50 days after Easter, and call it a success.  But success, in this case, requires more than writing a check.  We’re trying to “put on a heart of compassion” as Paul says, which means to “suffer with” those who are suffering.

The relationship of suffering to water is, presently, little known in North America.  However, for much of the world, the disease free water we take for granted is not available.  The consequences of this shortage are far ranging, limiting education, raising rates of infant mortality and infectious diseases, and stopping economic development in it’s tracks.

What’s a person to do?

1. Live with humble gratitude for the abundance that is ours.  I often pray a word of thanks for food, but during these fifty days, I’ve taken to giving thanks for water as well.  With this comes the realization that what Jesus said is true:  “to whom much is given, much is required.”

2. Recognize that this problem can be addressed.  There are enormous issues surrounding the politics of water, as a film this coming Saturday night will explain.  But there are solutions for hundreds of millions in the world, right now:  Wells Work!

3. Offer water “in Jesus Name” so that people can learn to enjoy not only physical water, but living water.  This is what we’ve done – and what we’re doing again.  Care to join us?  See Spilling Hope to get involved.

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